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18 December 2009 @ 11:21 pm
konnichiwa~ ^__^

Welcome to japan_4u  What's japan_4u ? What can you expect to find here? this community is special for all users who are trying to find RARE STUFF directly from Japan...just post everything you want and we as a shopping agent will find it for you. This is a community where you can buy and post your wish here!! strictly no SALE POST except from us..

how to post in this community?
please join the community first, then you can post your wish here.. please provide the picture (if any) and the details of your goods..

the procedure
1)post your wish in this community.
2) we will inform you the exact price.
3)payment must be made through paypal only. + commission fee (USD$50 per transaction)
4)we will take your picture's good so that you can know that we are SERIOUS SELLER and NOT A SCAMMER!!
5)goods will send directly from Japan. ^__^

tips :

if you wanna save the cost for commission, share with your friend who want to buy any goods as well because $50 per transaction ^____^

goods available for sale :

2)foldable bicycle

promotion :

1)stowboard 20% off
2)commission fee with the low rate .. ONLY $50 per transaction... common on and ask us anything that want to buy!! you will not get such low rates of commission fee like this.. the commission fee will be revised sooner and probably, we  will increase the fee after final revision... (after take a few factors likes conversion fee + transportation fee etc)